IPad Pro is more than just a laptop alternative
IPad Pro is more than just a laptop alternative

There's no doubt that laptops are useful, but unless they run simple apps and watch content, they won't be able to keep up with laptops anyway. But with the advent of the Apple iPad computer, the situation has clearly changed.

With the release of the iPad Pro, Apple introduced a major update to the iPad tablet in 2018. This version is based on the high-performance A12 chip. This version was very successful and very popular.

Pro versions of the iPad continued to receive improvements and improvements. But Apple eventually decided to support it with the leading M1 chipset to be on the level of MacBook computers. And besides. Apple introduced a major change to the operating system where the device became dependent on its own system iPadOS.

Perhaps, on the other hand, it depends on the M1 chip to drive. On the other hand, the introduction of custom iPadOS helped shape the unique identity of this device. With accessories such as drawing pens and keyboards, it can directly replace touchpads.

In our opinion, Apple intends to develop tablets in this way. Some people think that the iPad product line is more important to him than MacBook computers. In addition, there are many sources that describe the iPad Pro's adoption of the M1 chip as a waste of energy.

IPad Pro is more than just a PC alternative

The iPad has the latest specs in every way. Here, the device is equipped with a 12.9-inch screen, fast internal storage of up to 1 TB and 16 GB of RAM.

Usually, the device is distinguished on the one hand by the speed of use and on the other hand by the user interface. The iPad is first and foremost a tablet, not an all-in-one device. Thus, its user interface can attract a large number of users.

Everyday tasks like opening apps or multiple apps at the same time or processing emails or photos are done very quickly by the device.

There is no doubt that trusting an iPad with the right accessories can make the device a daily replacement for a computer, and the screen is even more unique. The device is based on the flagship Liquid Retina XDR display.

In fact, the iPad Pro is a great alternative to laptops. However, in some aspects, such as portability and lightness, it has surpassed it, but on the other hand, it is still not suitable for professional tasks such as programming.

Advantages and disadvantages

The performance of the iPad tablet is close to that of the aforementioned MacBook, especially the version that supports the M1 chip, and it is easy to carry and move around. But the iPad still lags behind when it comes to supporting certain types of apps.

Usually a computer is needed for some tasks. However, Apple is developing iPadOS step by step, and it is expected that it will be a great alternative to macOS in the future. Apple has even started making programming on the iPad easier.

On the other hand, the iPad tablet PC supports video editing as well as photo editing perfectly. This is done via LumaFusion or Lightroom. This is the professional work of the computer.

But back to the direct comparison: iPad laptops now offer traditional users the same experience as computers. If we compare the iPad directly to the MacBook, we will find that the advantages of the Apple tablet are that its screen supports touch, has fast frequencies, and supports styluses.

Thus, users of Apple tablets can have the same computer experience as they would with a MacBook. However, business users may encounter some obstacles. On the other hand, due to Apple's excellent ecosystem, using a tablet with a Mac computer can increase productivity as the two devices can communicate seamlessly.

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