Is it in Apple's interest to support RCS?
Is it in Apple's interest to support RCS?

There are many methods of text or voice communication between users. These methods are reflected in the applications available to users of Android phones and users of Apple products (eg iPhones). There are also classic text messages.

SMS messages are defined as simple text messages and do not support different types of content. In most countries/regions of the world SMS users give credit to the phone so that no one uses it.

This is where RCS technology was born. We can say that this is the second generation of SMS. Not only does this technology support sending photos, videos, and even audio and geo-location information, but it also offers the same functions as traditional SMS in SMS.

Google highly supports this technology or protocol. Today it is supported by nearly 90 telecom service providers around the world. However, this feature is only available for Android phones and tablets, which means that iPhone users cannot use it even though it is supported by their telecom service providers.

On the contrary, a message sent from Android phone to iPhone will be received on iPhone as a normal message, usually surrounded by green bubbles.

Is it in Apple's interest to support RCS?

iPhone users can enjoy RCS-like experiences with the official iMessage app for their phones. iPhone, iPad, and even Mac users can communicate with each other for free through this app.

If Apple supports RCS, the overall messaging experience will be great. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Director of the Android Division, indirectly appealed to Apple to use this functionality and provide assistance.

As Lockheimer said, "There is a good solution for all phones to communicate without green bubbles - thank you for sending the message from Android to iPhone - I would ask anyone who gets better at this technology to send public invitations." (in the strict sense of the word)

This tweet urges Apple to build on RCS and make it available to Apple and iPad users. While this is in the interests of users, it is not in the interest of Apple.

That's because iMessage is a great service that makes some people buy iPhones just to chat with friends and family like BlackBerry phones did.

Apple launched iMessage for Android phones more than once, and the company thought about it back in 2013, but that never happened and probably never will.

RCS technology is currently called "Android iMessage". It is available through the Google Messages app and is supported by default in the Messages app on Samsung phones. On the one hand, it also supports two-way encryption, and on the other hand, it can be used by more than 400 million users.

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