Google wants to be your main source to follow the news
Google wants to be your main source to follow the news

Millions of users around the world want to follow and read local and international news. They usually rely on Twitter or Facebook rather than Google to do this, but it looks like Google has a new feature to help change this situation.

In fact, the company is currently developing a feature called Significant Moments. It will become a part of the Google News platform through which you can follow the news on a daily basis.

But as we all know, Google News is a great place to catch up on news that you may have missed or that's going viral, but it's not great for keeping up with the latest around the clock. But the important moments will change that.

The new Google functionality allows urgent and important messages to be recognized and displayed on the platform. In addition to stating messages in as much detail as possible, the main objective is to attract message readers on the one hand and any sudden changes in users sending messages on the other.

At the moment, the news is briefly posted on Google and the news is based on tweets from Twitter. But the most famous search engine wants to replace it with reliable and detailed news.

Google wants to control the news

According to a report by The Information, Google's goal is to be the primary source for keeping track of the latest news and reviewing its contents. Including sensitive information such as death toll from terrorist attacks, hurricanes and earthquake victims.

The company tested this feature a few weeks ago in an incident in the Pakistani capital, Kabul, and it appears it has been investigating the matter for a long time. The company provided Wikipedia-based victim information during this testing phase.

Therefore, the company must calculate all current events, pay attention to the accuracy of information and display it in real time after research.

For example, if a bank is attacked armed, the most popular platforms should immediately display detailed information when searching for news. You may have noticed that this method can hit news and content sites with one kill.

It wasn't long before the company ran into legal troubles in Australia for "quoting" news content from news sites without paying for it. Facebook is also accused of the same thing. I don't know if this will affect the new features.

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