Leaked facts after the leak of Facebook documents
Leaked facts after the leak of Facebook documents

In the past few months, Facebook has had a lot of problems. But the biggest crisis is that the company's former project manager, Francis Haugen, leaked the company's internal documents. These leaks appeared in a number of articles in the Wall Street Journal.

There is no doubt that the information disclosed is very dangerous. After it began to spread and reach the public, its danger increased. Reputable news websites have been able to obtain copies of these documents.

Among the thousands of leaked documents, some are among the most important and reveal many interesting and noteworthy facts.

One of the facts may be that the Facebook platform cannot handle misinformation about the coronavirus and its vaccine. In fact, in March 2021, a company employee warned that the platform could not resolve negative comments about vaccines.

Facebook has been criticized for its lack of resistance to misinformation about vaccines, and current US President Joe Biden has called it a "murder."

Facts about leaked Facebook profiles

The information was leaked by The Verge and a copy of the leaked official document was obtained. However, the platform did not publish the entire document because it contains the name of the employee.

In addition, the documents show that Apple has threatened to ban the Facebook platform completely. In fact, as shown here, the platform includes a "slave market". The information revealed that Apple threatened to remove the Facebook app from the Store in October 2019.

The reason is that a report on the BBC platform shows that human trafficking (as slaves) is taking place on the Instagram platform. In addition, sellers encourage buyers to harm these people and destroy their passports.

Information from the document also revealed another fact. In other words, after Mark Zuckerberg agreed to ban anti-nationalist content in Vietnam, the Corporate Citizens Integrity Team was blocked by Mark Zuckerberg himself.

In addition, the documents show that the Facebook platform used the German anti-vaccine campaign in an experiment called the "Lateral Thinking Experiment". In fact, in this campaign, the platform aggressively tried a new system of content censorship.

The leaked documents also revealed that Facebook had previously planned to abandon the similar counter on Facebook and Instagram. However, due to the negative impact on advertising revenue, this step was never implemented. In addition, the document also revealed the failure of the content monitoring system to deal with some incidents, such as the refusal of Trump supporters to declare Joe Biden president of the United States after the actual victory.

The political dimension was clearly visible in the document. Including the platform's attempt to make its content relevant to Democratic supporters of Joe Biden.

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