Learn more about the iOS 15.1 update from Apple
Learn more about the iOS 15.1 update from Apple

About a month ago, Apple unveiled iOS 15 and the new iPhone 13, although it announced a number of new features in the system, this last most of the features.

SharePlay is one of the biggest streaming features and is expected to be released in the upcoming iOS 15.1 update.

iOS 15.1 is the first major update of iOS 15, not a minor update to fix minor issues.

Information available on iOS 15.1

Apple hasn't announced a final or official date for the upcoming update, but we know it's in beta with developers.

So we should see it soon this month and Apple might release it for Mac with the Monterey update.

The system includes Apple's Delayed SharePlay feature that allows users to share content via Facetime.

The update also allows iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users to use the ProRes format for professional video recordings.

After the update, you can add your vaccination card to Apple Wallet and use it as an official document.

In addition to the usual improvements in battery life and performance, a number of fixes for minor system issues have also been made.

With SharePlay, you can share what you're watching with your colleagues and friends.

With Facetime, you can share content across all official Apple apps, both visually and audio.

For example, suppose support extends to a number of third-party content-streaming apps such as Netflix and other platforms.

Apple decided to direct the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max phones towards professional videographers. So this is a one time step and very useful for phones to take to support ProRes format.

The ProRes format allows videographers to modify and control many aspects of the clips they record.

As if this is the first time that it has been recorded with a professional camera and not just a mobile phone, Apple has focused its advertisements on the possibility of video recording in a mobile phone.

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