Facebook is weaker than we thought
Facebook is weaker than we thought

Facebook has recently had recurring problems. But the most dangerous for the company is the "Facebook Profile" problem. It actually threatens them and exposes their corrupt behavior to the world. The Wall Street Journal has reported extensively on this problem.

Facebook documents leaked by the company's former project manager reveal that the platform uses two separate user rating systems. When they make mistakes on the podium.

In addition, the leak also revealed the negative impact of Instagram on teens. The negative effects on girls are also greater. To make matters worse, Facebook itself has conducted a number of studies examining these effects, and the results are all negative. For this reason, the company did not put it on the market.

Instagram has also raised misinformation about the Corona vaccine. The company is also involved in more than one related problem. However, some opinions believe that Facebook is too powerful to be held accountable for its actions.

On the other hand, labor is currently falling into a state of massive slavery which is not considered financial or legal slavery. For companies it can be more. It was his weakness that was revealed. Given all of Facebook's efforts with the leaked material, it's a matter of maintaining control and distribution.

Facebook is weaker than we thought

Facebook is currently very bad for all users. This applies to users who follow technical areas and users who follow news regularly. In fact, problems and bugs are no longer just technical issues, they affect all users.

Research shows that the company is currently setting itself an important goal, which is to maintain the control and reach it already has rather than increase or expand it.

But when the leaked documents showed the company was developing a new strategy to target children for the platform, things became even more sensitive. They are called valuable but unused classes.

The statement revealed that the company was not particularly interested in young users, but was only interested in entering new markets, and did so after the number of American teenagers decreased on the most popular social media platforms and other platforms.

The platform found that postal speeds for children and youth are not uniform. In some studies, one of the children answered satisfactorily the company's questions, saying, "Facebook is designed only for adults.

The company cannot currently be classified as insolvent. Instead, it continues to generate income - despite the decline in the value of the inventory - but what happened shows us how weak it is as it pursues strategies that can only be really harmful.

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