Microsoft announces Office 2021 pricing and features
Microsoft announces Office 2021 pricing and features

Microsoft recently released Office 2021, the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. The company has set the release date of the new version until the fifth of October and the expected Windows 11.

Microsoft today announced more details about the new release. Here reveals the prices and features of the new version.

Microsoft provides many features of the Office package intended only for subscribers of paid Microsoft 365 services. Perhaps the most important innovation is the ability to process documents together using the PC version.

Thanks to the new functionality, multiple people can edit the same document remotely, which is undoubtedly a useful feature. This feature relies mainly on the Microsoft OneDrive cloud service.

In addition, Office 2021 also includes significant design improvements. Since the design has been improved based on Windows 11, Office applications now switch between dark mode and light mode depending on your Windows settings.

Microsoft Office 2021 launched

The new Office suite also includes Microsoft Teams. Microsoft started using it as a standard communications app. Microsoft has also integrated this application in Windows 11. Hence, it may be more useful for Windows 10 users to integrate it with Office.

The software giant also announced the official pricing for the various Office versions. This is Office Home and Student 2021 for families and students. Its price is $149.99.

This shows us that there is basically no change in price compared to the previous version. However, the Student Edition and the Master Edition do not have all the apps, rather they contain Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Plus the initially free apps Teams and OneNote.

On the other hand, the professional version launched on behalf of Office Home and Business 2021 costs $249.99 and includes all of the above and Outlook. But it does give buyers the right to use these apps for public works.

Users of Office 2013 or earlier versions will need to upgrade because Windows 11 does not support their version and Microsoft has criticized this for this.

And don't forget that Google offers the same services as Microsoft, but they are all free. On the other hand, Google apps are browser based, not computer apps. Microsoft also offers free through-browser alternatives.

You can use Google Office services here and view the free version of Office here. In fact, besides the free and open source alternatives (like WPS Office, LibreOffice, etc.), there are dozens of other free alternatives from startups.

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