Pixel smartphones can automatically record and share videos in emergency situations
Pixel smartphones can automatically record and share videos in emergency situations

Google retains some features that are exclusive to Pixel smartphones. One of the most important functions is the Personal Security app, which can help users in many situations to maintain their personal safety.

In the past few years, Google has made many functions and features available to this app. This includes notification of trusted contacts if the user does not respond to a specific notification that the application guarantees to the owner of the phone.

In addition to calling back trusted contacts, Pixel phones can also automatically dial local emergency calls like 911 in the US. XDA Developers has discovered a new feature that has been added that will greatly improve user security.

With the new update, the app can record up to 45 minutes of video in emergency situations. If the phone is connected to the Internet after recording this video, the video will be automatically uploaded to Google Drive.

The video will be kept for a week and you can choose to have your phone automatically share the clip with your trusted contacts via a download link after uploading it to Google Drive. In addition, all these steps are performed automatically without user intervention.

Pixel security function

This new feature can also compress videos. This is because every minute is 10MB, which means that 45 minutes of a full video is only 450MB. This makes it easy to download and share videos automatically.

Google explained that this feature is intended to protect users and their personal safety. It is only used for emergency and emergency rooms. After the update, all Pixel phone users can access and control these new features through the Personal Security app.

In an emergency situation, the user can activate the emergency SOS function by pressing the power button five times in succession. The phone will continue to function normally, but you will see a notification that a photo has been taken.

The emergency SOS function includes many user configurable parameters. However, these settings may vary depending on the country/region and the features and functions available in the Personal Security app.

It is reported that Google has started testing the emergency SOS version in the expected Android 12. However, these features are still unique to Google Pixel phones.

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