Pixel can be used to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android
Pixel can be used to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

Google announced that all Pixel phones can now use the WhatsApp chat history transfer feature to transfer messages from iPhones to Android and can be used on new Android smartphones. twelveth

This feature was introduced on Samsung phones in early September and is available for phones running Android 10 and above.

This feature makes it easy to move from iOS to Android as you don't have to give up your message history including voice memos, photos and videos.

And the process should be relatively easy, as long as you have an updated WhatsApp app on your iPhone and Android and a USB-C to Lightning data cable.

Google said that when you set up your Android phone, the system will ask you to scan a QR code with your iPhone to start the transfer process.

The search giant has stated that while forwarding messages, the iPhone will not receive WhatsApp messages. So you shouldn't lose anything when switching.

The company indicated that smartphone manufacturers can support this feature by upgrading their phones to Android 12. Thus, those who have existing mobile phones can access it at any time.

This feature will soon be available on new Android 12 devices.

The company said it is working with phone manufacturers to make sure phones running Android 12 support forwarding.

The Android team pointed out that there are certain types of data that cannot be recovered when switching from an iPhone.

Google said it worked closely with Facebook's messaging app. This is to make the transition from iPhone to Android easier and make sure your data is protected throughout the transfer process. Thus, no one else can access your WhatsApp messages and files.

And with the new operating system, you can also transfer data better than iOS. This includes automatic syncing and installing the same iOS app from the Google Play Store.

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