Google lets you play Stadia for free for 30 minutes
Google lets you play Stadia for free for 30 minutes

Google's cloud gaming service Stadia is constantly thinking of new ways to engage gamers and is now testing a free, time-limited trial of full games so you can see if they're right for you.

Now you can go to Stadia, sign in with your Google account, just click this link and scroll to the free trial button to try Hello Engineer for free for 30 minutes.

This option allows players to try the game without a paid subscription to Stadia Pro. In particular, this game is currently free to play as part of Stadia Pro.

A representative from Stadia told the company that the company will complete testing within the next two months. In the coming weeks he will choose other matches. A session does not always last 30 minutes and you may not be watching the same game as everyone else.

The company also has this dedicated webpage for other free trial versions that may be offered in the future. However, you can only find Hello Engineer there at the moment. The company has already tried out some limited promotions.

Once the free trial starts, players can access the full game from the sidebar and count the time required for the trial. The timer counts the time from the trial version, not the active playing time.

At the end of the trial period, Google will ask you if you want to purchase the game. If you purchase the game, your progress will be saved after the trial period ends.

Free trial does not require an account

You still need to sign in with a Google account. You should also tap on the Health and Safety screen and another screen to check access permissions, then wait for the game to load.

But it's a step in the right direction, especially when it becomes a standard feature for Stadia games. From the point of view of a game developer or publisher, creating a demo requires no work. The fact that this is a cloud-based game alleviates privacy concerns.

If you like Hello Engineer, you can buy it through Stadia for $19.99 or subscribe to Stadia Pro, which is included for free.

Other completely free options with Stadia are Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman R Online. Thus, there is no doubt that cloud gaming technology is right for you. You can now try three different games without limitations to find out.

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