Python is the most popular language for programmers
Python is the most popular language for programmers

Programming languages ​​are very different, although they are based on the same principles. Python is perhaps one of the most popular programming languages ​​because it is easy to learn and use.

But Python has not been the most popular language for programmers in recent years, but languages ​​like Java, JavaScript, and C are still in the lead. However, this situation has changed.

In fact, Tiobe, a software market analysis and monitoring company, has concluded that Python is the most popular language at the moment.

Tiobe relies on tracking searches across 25 different search engines to get results. Therefore, these results reflect global rather than quality.

This is because the index is based only on the number of searches, not the number of language based programs, etc. But it remains a great achievement for Python because it first came to prominence in more than two decades.

Python is the most popular programming language

Python was originally developed as an alternative to Perl and is also very limited. But Python is now becoming more and more extensible, especially when it supports hundreds of libraries. But the most important factor about the Python programming language is that it is easy to learn.

According to Tiobe, Python is the leader among the fastest growing languages. Search volume in Python was 11.27% while C volume decreased by 5.79%.

Languages ​​such as C+, C#, JavaScript, and PHP are among the ten most popular programming languages. In addition to other languages ​​such as assembly language.

A 2020 survey of 17,000 programmers found that JavaScript is still the most used language, but this does not reflect the state of all programmers in the world, and Python has attracted more than 2.2 million developers. .

In general, programming languages ​​are used to create different types of programs, but most of them can support the creation of the same type, on the contrary, some languages ​​can be more professional and can be programmed specifically for some platforms. Such as computer platforms or virtual reality platforms.

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