What we know about Netflix's entry into video games
What we know about Netflix's entry into video games

Netflix has been a huge success over the past few years and is currently known as the largest platform for viewing and playing video content. Thanks to him, you get access to hundreds of movies, series, and even comedy shows. This is in addition to their original work.

Netflix doesn't seem satisfied with its work in the visual content market because it sees the video game market as a great opportunity. In fact, this market is already the same. The smartphone gaming market alone is expected to generate $80 billion in sales in 2020.

Perhaps this fact alone answers the question of Netflix's entry into the gaming market. Because the answer lies in the huge profits in this field. According to recent leaks and reports, Netflix is ​​seriously considering this area, but also as an after-sales service.

This is not new because the company made a strong statement regarding the importance of the video game industry in its 2019 shareholder letter. Video games like Fortnite outperform Netflix in continuing to bring content to screen, that is, its approach.

At the time, the company issued an interesting statement: “We lost more in Fortnite than HBO. As mentioned earlier, Netflix's entry into this market will appear as a service, which means that Netflix will offer games. Services and games are not sold.

Netflix game service

Previous reports indicate that the company does not offer a separate gambling service. Instead, the game is included in your regular subscription to the platform. The Company will not increase subscription prices for the provision of game content.

This shows us that the main goal is to double the number of subscriptions, not to introduce new and different ones. However, the analysis predicts that subscriptions will become more expensive in the future, especially since the service has proven successful after adding games.

The company has already worked with other developers to create games based on the illustrations. Including IP games and Stranger Things. Future platform games are also worth the wait. In particular, the company has recently developed such great works as Black Mirror and Squid Games.

Perhaps the company is trying to replicate the interactive theater experience. These are films with content in the form of simple interactive games designed to tell the end story, such as "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch".

Therefore, the company should focus on games similar to Stranger Things. On the flip side, the company has been hiring gaming experts on a large scale since May last year, and shared the final report that Netflix hopes to offer a similar service to Apple Arcade at some point.

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