August Home AK-R1 August Smart Keypad
August Home AK-R1 August Smart Keypad

August Home AK-R1 August Smart Keyboard, Dark Gray 

Never leave the key under the rug. Create a personal access code and make it available to your family, friends, pedestrians, do-it-yourselfers, or guests. You can unlock your Smart Lock without using a traditional key or smartphone. Also, use the free August app for iOS and Android to see who's home with your activity history. August Smart Lock Accessories August Smart Keypad is easy to setup, use and control your awesome Smart Lock with Bluetooth security technology. Powered by two AAA batteries. No wire is needed. Attach it to wood, plaster and brick - the smart keyboard can be attached securely to multiple surfaces with the included screws and tape. Convenient one-key lock: save time when leaving, lock the door with one key.

In August, Smart Lock added password entry via Smart Keypad.

Create personalized passwords for family and guests and unlock your August smart lock without a traditional key or smartphone.

Easy to use for everyone.

Perfect for guests, kids, housekeepers, DIY enthusiasts or contractors to enter your home.

Know who is coming and who is going.

Track activity history in the August app when your door is locked and unlocked.

August Home AK-R1 August Smart Keypad
August Home AK-R1 August Smart Keypad

  •  Secure home access with a code
  • August Smart Lock Extensions
  • Create unique codes instantly from your smartphone at any time. It can be installed outdoors and used with any August Smart Lock
  • Perfect for guests and your kids, without the need for a smartphone. Requires a smartphone running iOS (9.0 or higher) or Android (5.0 or higher)
  • Maids, dog walkers and other service providers can safely enter and exit with a temporary pinch
  • The door can be closed with the push of a button.

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