SMONET SMUS-AM-SIL Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Keyless Entry
SMONET SMUS-AM-SIL Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Keyless Entry

Smart Deadbolt, SMONET Door Lock, Keyless Entry, Bluetooth Lock, Touch Keypad for Front Door, Physical Key, Auto Lock, Remote Sharing, Electronic Key Connection, Free Smartphone App Control for Home, Airbnb and Apartment


  •     When the battery is empty, the bluetooth lock issues a low battery warning and also update in the app.
  •     If someone tries to enter in an unusual way, the built-in intrusion prevention technology will sound an alarm.

touch screen

The touch screen has a blue and white backlight. It allows you to see the keyboard in the dark.

Key lock: press "#" for 2 seconds. No password is required.

Open with the keyboard: Enter the password and confirm with "#".

lock function

Use the lock button to lock manually, even if the correct password is entered, people can only enter if they use the admin password. Press and hold again to cancel this function.

Auto lock

It can be configured to lock 5-900 seconds automatically after unlocking through the APP. Don't worry about forgetting to lock the door.

remote sharing

Create temporary codes for visitors to make them more flexible so you don't have to wait for them at home or worry about receiving your keys.

Replacement battery

If you forget to replace the battery, you can activate the lock with a 9V battery.

privacy password

Enter a random number, as long as the real password is constantly entered into a longer set of numbers, it will still be accessible. Strangers cannot steal your fingerprint password or see it nearby.

SMONET SMUS-AM-SIL Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Keyless Entry
SMONET SMUS-AM-SIL Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Keyless Entry

  •  Unlock/lock the smartphone app via TTLock! Configure the automatic lock function, and don't worry about forgetting to lock the door. With smonet gateway (sold separately) for Alexa work function and remote control.
  • Keyless Door Lock - No key is more convenient! Use the password to unlock when you do exercise in the morning. Don't worry about bringing the key. Set your own password or create a time-limited, permanent, one-time or custom password. Make children, friends or others who want to come without having to wait at home more flexible.
  • High quality electronic touch keyboard, durable and safer. Humanized OLED screen, zinc alloy body, long battery life, 4 AA batteries, can provide 5000 slots (about 6 months). If the password is entered incorrectly more than 5 times, it will be automatically blocked for 5 minutes for security reasons. Please make sure your door size matches the installation specification, there are different installation methods on the left/right side. You can follow the video instructions.
  • Lock Sharing - Create temporary codes for remote guests without worrying about retrieval of the key. Or you can delegate who is responsible for your family (recipients need to download the app and create an account), and if the authorization is successful, there is no need to compromise.
  • Customer Service Warranty One year warranty and free lifetime technical support. If you have any questions such as installation or application issues (or for more information about the portal), please feel free to contact us.

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