August Wi-Fi  Smart Lock Fits Your Existing Deadbolt
August Wi-Fi  Smart Lock Fits Your Existing Deadbolt

August AUG-SL05-M01-G01 Wi-Fi, (4th generation) Smart Lock - Adapts to your existing dead end in a few minutes, Matt

With Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th generation) and the August app starting in August, you can remotely lock or unlock your door, check door status, provide a virtual guest key and always know who's entering and leaving. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock uses previous Wi-Fi built in and is easy to install and connect to, so you can keep the original key.

Remote access out of the box

Our Smart Lock does not require any additional hardware to establish a WiFi connection, so you can easily get full remote access and voice functionality.

New compact design

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is 45% smaller than its predecessor, the Smart Lock Pro, and is suitable for all family styles.

Intelligent device control

Your phone (or watch!) is your key now. You can lock and unlock your door with just one click.

Lock and unlock automatically

With the automatic locking and unlocking function, you will never trip over the key and never worry about remembering to lock the door.


DoorSense notifies you of sources of activity whether your door is open, closed, closed or open.

Activity feed + notification

See who comes and goes to the source of activity. Create smart notifications when certain people come home.

smart hub

Pair Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

August Wi-Fi  Smart Lock Fits Your Existing Deadbolt
August Wi-Fi  Smart Lock Fits Your Existing Deadbolt

  •      Update Your Existing Door Lock: August Smart Lock fits your door and makes your regular lock smarter, safer and more convenient. Put the keys in their case (but you don't need them).
  •     Use the August app to grant access: Forgot to copy key. Quickly and easily share permanent, scheduled or temporary access to your home with friends, family, and others you trust and never put the key under your doormat again.
  •     EASY TO INSTALL ON ANY DOOR: Even if you don't have it on hand, it only takes about 10 minutes to install. The August Lock fits perfectly into most single-cylinder cutters and is not much larger than a standard knurled screw.
  •     Auto Lock and Unlock: The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock can automatically unlock when you get home, and unlock completely hands-free (optional). With Auto-Lock and DoorSense, your home is automatically locked for as long as you close the door or after a certain period of time.
  •     Work seamlessly with your smart home: Lock's built-in WiFi lets you use it with your favorite voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and more.
  •     Friendly Tenant: Rent or lease your space. Home improvement isn't just for homeowners. Update your apartment lock and take it with you when you move in. Your old bugs can easily be reinstalled.
  •     Keep your home attractive: You can use the Smart-Lock function without changing the appearance of your front door. The August smart lock is only installed in the door so that the front door design is not changed.
  •     Add a password keypad: When you're not using your phone, connect a smart keypad (sold separately) to unlock the door with a unique password. Perfect for young children, housekeepers, dog walkers, or other one-time visitors.
  •     Face or fingerprint recognition for added security: Use phone biometrics for two-factor authentication (optional).

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