Yale YRD256-NR-619 Assure Lock SL Key-Free  Door Lock
Yale YRD256-NR-619 Assure Lock SL Key-Free  Door Lock

Yale Assure Lock SL Keyless Touch Screen Door Lock, Satin Nickel

Lose your keys. Yes. Introducing a high-quality electronic lock for your home; Make sure you have an SL lock. This stylish and modern touch screen lock tab allows owners to enjoy the convenience of 100% free unlock while enhancing the roadside appeal. You can unlock your home without a key by entering a 4-8 digit password on the keypad. Just click the keyboard to close the door behind you. The lock is easy to install and use. Upgrade your Assure Lock SL with the Yale Smart Module and add it to your smart home or security system.

  •  Lose your keys forever: Use the password on the keyboard to unlock your door and leave the huge power key behind. Yale Access Upgrade Kit (sold separately) required for use with your smartphone or smart home system.
  • Auto lock gives you security: Don't forget to lock the door, the lock is made for you. Don't worry, your door is locked every time you leave the house and go to bed at night.
  • No more hiding the key: A common symbol is to hide the new key. Give your friends, family and other trusted people unique codes and never put keys under your doormat again.
  • Use Yale Access to switch to Wi-Fi: Now just use your keyboard and switch to Smart Lock when you're ready. You can use your phone as a key with the Yale Access Upgrade Kit (sold separately).
  • Note: Smart home integration requires ASIN to be purchased separately

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