Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI/WP Work with Alexa and Google Home
Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI/WP Work with Alexa and Google Home

Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI/WP with Alexa and Google Home, Feit App, Without Hub, Remote Control Anytime, Anywhere, 2 Schuko 15A Indoor/Outdoor Smart Socket, Black

With the Feit Electric PLUG / WIFI / WP Wi-Fi External Socket with Two Connectors, you can control two external devices from anywhere via a smart socket. Now you can turn any device into a smart device. You can turn it on or off and set a schedule or timer from anywhere with our easy-to-use smartphone app. Combine and control devices with just one button. The combination of living room lamp, socket and switch makes operation more convenient. Use simple voice commands via a smart plug, Alexa or Google Assistant. Nassfeld is ETL rated. Purchase from AMAZON.COM Shipping and Sales Office to ensure the authenticity of the product.

 Your home will be smarter

A smarter and more comfortable way to live

Transform any smart home device! With indoor and outdoor plugs, you can easily control everything from coffee machines to lamps, outdoor holiday decorations to water dispensers using your smartphone or voice commands.

Turn your home into a smart home

Connect your indoor or outdoor equipment and keep it running on your daily schedule. Use smart indoor sockets to control heaters, fans, and lights, or use outdoor sockets to control Christmas lights, fairy lights, ponds, fountains, and more!

Set schedule and timer

Set up the coffee maker as soon as you wake up, turn on the outside lights at dusk, turn on the interior lights as soon as you get home, and turn off the heater and fan at a set time. With Feit Electric's smart indoor and outdoor sockets, you can schedule all electrical appliances to turn on or off at a specific time.

remote control

With Feit Electric's indoor and outdoor smart plugs, you can easily control your home anytime and anywhere, whether you're on vacation or at a local grocery store.

Use voice commands

There is no need for a hand. Our smart indoor and outdoor sockets are compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri Shortcuts, so you can have complete control over your device even when your hands are full.

Enjoy all year round

Feit Electric indoor and outdoor sockets make life easier for you all year round. Whether you are enjoying a summer night or a cold night, you can easily plug your device into the Feit Electric Smart Plug to easily power any smart device. These sockets are perfect for controlling your party decorations or creating a festive atmosphere.

Enjoy smart life, energy saving life

Energy efficient smart life begins with Feit Electric smart plugs for indoor and outdoor use. These plugs save energy and electricity bills. how could you? Set a schedule and timer to turn off the lights so you don't use more power than you need to.

Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI/WP Work with Alexa and Google Home
Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI/WP Work with Alexa and Google Home

  •  Use the Feit Electric app, Alexa, and the Google Assistant to control your devices over the phone; Siri shortcut
  • No capacitor required; Suitable for small indoor/outdoor units; No capacitor required Only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is supported
  • Integrated control of lighting, home and garden electronics; Remote control on/off, setting schedules and timers from the app
  • Ideal for outdoor use such as holiday lighting, landscape lighting or other outdoor electrical appliances and indoor applications such as radiators, fans, lights, home appliances, water heaters and coffee makers
  • ETL wetland classification; Turn your traditional small devices into smart ones; No wire required

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