TanTan Mini Smart Plug Works with Alexa and Google Home
TanTan Mini Smart Plug Works with Alexa and Google Home

Tantan Mini Smart Plug Suitable for Alexa and Google Home WiFi Remote Control with Timer Function Only Support 2.4GHz Network Without Hub ETL FCC Listed (4 Mini Smart Plugs)

  •  Voice commands: Smart plugs that can be used with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Just issue a simple voice command, with the smart plug, you can control your home appliances via Alexa or Google Home Assistant. WLAN socket can be installed without hub. Alexa port jack is suitable for stable 2.4GHz network.
  • SCHEDULE AND TIMER: By setting a schedule and timer on your home's smart wifi socket, you can cook slow cooker rice and prepare dinner for back home. Get ready for a smart home and create a custom schedule to turn on and off all your home electronics like lights, Christmas lights, coffee makers, etc. Please note that Alexa sockets are not suitable for electrical appliances over 10A and 1200W (eg: air conditioners, microwave ovens, induction stoves, etc.)
  • Remote Control From Anywhere: With the Google Smart Plug, you can control your home appliances from anywhere. Even when you're not at home, you can control your alexa WiFi connection directly via the app, as long as your phone can access a secure 2.4GHz WiFi network. Perfect for people who are not good at moving around and just need to turn the device on/off
  • Create and share groups with family members: Set groups for all major Google ports and control them with one command. Share an Alexa WiFi socket for the whole family in a minute. Don't worry, anyone can easily control it.
  • Easy to set up and secure: Simply plug your device into the smart mini WiFi port and use the app to connect to a secure 2.4GHz network. Smart plugs use high-quality materials and technologies such as V-0 flame retardant thermoplastics, pure copper conductors and advanced printed circuit boards. It can prevent fire hazards, provide overload protection, and protect family members. ETL certification guarantees complete protection.

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