GE Lighting WiFi Cync Outdoor Smart Plug
GE Lighting WiFi Cync Outdoor Smart Plug

GE Lighting CPLGOD2BLG1 Cync Outdoor Smart Socket, Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible, WiFi/Bluetooth Support, No Hub Required

The external on/off smart plug can be used to power any outdoor lighting or smart device. Create the perfect garden scene by activating yard lights and music with a single tap in the Cync app. The individually controlled socket allows you to turn off the fountain and turn on the fairy lights from the comfort of your own home. Use this socket to control Christmas lights by voice, phone, or other Cync or C by GE devices without going off. With the Cync Outdoor Smart Plug, you can turn ordinary lighting and electrical appliances into smart devices with advanced functions such as home control, planning and scene settings. You can program and control each port individually, or combine them to best meet your schedule and needs. It's easy to customize, and you can even create a schedule for the lights to turn on at night, turn on the fountain in the morning, or when you want to turn them on or off. Pair the external smart plug with your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device (sold separately) using simple voice commands to control the lights from inside. The plug is designed for outdoor use, with a weatherproof socket cover and compatible with a 3-pin plug. It is ideal for timers, lighting and other electrical appliances.

Create an effective schedule

Have external devices (such as pool pumps and fountains) shut off automatically to save energy.

Set the absolute code instantly

Use fairy lights, garden fountains, etc. to create pre-made scenes, you can add liveliness to the perfect patio area with just one touch. Or control each port separately.

Manage vacation offers from within

Control your outdoor holiday d├ęcor from the comfort of your home or outdoors.

control outside the home

Turn lights and external devices on and off from anywhere, without the need for a diffuser.

voice command

Connect to Amazon Alexa and Hey Google for voice control of lights and external devices. No hub required.

Control around the house

Pair it with any other Cync or C by GE device for complete control with the push of a button.


Provide external outlets to reduce energy costs and increase comfort.

GE Lighting WiFi Cync Outdoor Smart Plug
GE Lighting WiFi Cync Outdoor Smart Plug

  •  With the expanded functions of the Cync Outdoor Smart Plug such as home control, programming and scene settings, traditional lights and electrical appliances can become smart devices.
  • Organize and control each socket for your lights and appliances individually or in combination.
  • Control indoor lighting by pairing an external smart plug with your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device (sold separately).
  • Designed for outdoor use, with weatherproof connection housing and 3-hole connector compatibility.
  • Use with other Cync and C by GE devices including switches, remote controls and motion detectors to control lights and appliances without leaving your home.

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