Kasa EP40 Outdoor Smart Plug Home Wi-Fi Outlet
Kasa EP40 Outdoor Smart Plug Home Wi-Fi Outlet

Kasa Outdoor Smart Socket, 2 Sockets Smart Home Wi-Fi, IP64 Waterproof, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL (EP40) Certification

Use the Kasa EP40 smart plug-in, landscape lighting, pool pumps, Christmas lights, or other devices to expand your smart home outdoors. Use sunrise/sunset balance to better organize connected devices. The Kasa app not only offers all the functionality you'd expect from the TP-Link Kasa Series, including smart playback, but also guides you through every step of the installation by connecting your smart plug to their Wi-Fi, Alexa or Google Assistant network. . home link.

Strong Wi-Fi connection up to 300 feet

External sockets require a strong WiFi signal and Kasa Smart WiFi external sockets are one of the most powerful components. The built-in power amplifier is used for remote WiFi, and the external power port can reach 300 feet in open areas.

control key

You can turn the external smart plug on or off remotely with a single tap on the phone. Assemble indoor and outdoor units for unified control, for example

Single port control

Control each port individually via the app or with Alexa and Google Assistant.

montage and scenery

Combine whatever you like with other Kasa devices and turn them all on or off with a single click or choose a custom preset with scenes.

external mode

Away mode turns your connected devices on and off (like lights), making you feel right at home.

each other

Set a timer so that your recording will stop automatically when the time is right.

Kasa EP40 Outdoor Smart Plug Home Wi-Fi Outlet
Kasa EP40 Outdoor Smart Plug Home Wi-Fi Outlet

  •  2-in-1 Independent Socket Control: The maximum output power of two independently controlled AC sockets is 0.15A / 1875W. When not in use, a waterproof cover is attached to prevent dust from entering. Extended Wi-Fi range can be up to 300 feet, with IP64 weather resistance.
  • Audio and Remote Control: Add voice control to each external port. Enjoy hands-free voice control functionality from any external electronic device via Alexa or Google Home Assistant. Whether you are at home, in the office or on vacation, with the Kasa app you can turn on and off your electronic devices anytime and anywhere via your smartphone.
  • Easy to setup and use: Requires a 2.4GHz WiFi connection. Plug in the power, open the Kasa app, follow the simple instructions and enjoy the WiFi smart plug. Very suitable for landscape lighting, pool pumps, Christmas lights or other lights.
  • Schedule: Use the schedule or countdown timer to set your smart plug to automatically turn on and off at the time you want. The sunset/sunrise balancing allows you to act smarter based on the actual date.
  • Trustworthy and Trustworthy: Trusted by over 6 million users, Kasa is the readers' choice for PCMag 2020. 2 year warranty.

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