Thrustmaster Ferrari SF 1000 Formula Wheel XBOX Series X
Thrustmaster Ferrari SF 1000 Formula Wheel XBOX Series X

Thrustmaster 4060172 Ferrari SF 1000 flight version (XBOX series X/S, One, Playstation 5, 4, Windows).

Ferrari SF1000 Edition Bonus Bike

Designed to replicate the Ferrari SF1000 single-seat racing wheel, the steering wheel has 21 LED lights and a 4.3-inch (109 mm) screen that gives you access to in-game menus and essential racing information.

Ferrari SF1000 Plus Edition Formula wheels use carbon fiber front plates to provide balance, precise performance feedback and incredible realism in a racing simulation.

  •     Center front panel made of 100% carbon fiber (21 layers)
  •     4.3 inch (109 mm) IPS LCD screen with 21 LEDs, local or wireless connection (Wi-Fi b, g, n)
  •     Customizable encoding, toggle switches, buttons, magnetic toggle switches, and analog toggle switches
  •     The bike is equipped with a USB-C port that can be quickly and easily upgraded
  •     Compatible with Thrustmaster T-Chrono selections (sold separately)
  •     Compatible with all Thrustmaster T-series racing bike mounts (sold separately)
  •     Compatible with PC (Windows 10), PlayStation and Xbox

A new level of immersion

The scroll wheel has up to 25 control buttons, 11 of them with stickers and cards (oil, radio, syrup) so that you are completely immersed. Seven encoders are located at the bottom of the user's thumb, screen, and scroll wheel, making it easy to customize controls and enable more intuitive game settings.

Clear and intuitive overview

This replica wheel has a 4.3 inch (109 mm) interactive display and 21 LED lights that can be connected locally or via wireless telemetry (Wi-Fi).

Up to 69 important pieces of information can be displayed, which vary depending on the type of game being played. There are 15 engine speed indicator lights and 2 x 3 wildlife protection flags.

Developed for high performance

The Ferrari SF1000 Plus Edition Formula wheels use a 100% carbon fiber front plate (21 ply, 3mm total thickness) that combines stiffness and lightness to balance the game. Structural rubber steering wheel buttons simulate real-world controls and provide unmatched ease of use.

Magnetic push and pull rocker switches

The paddles are powered by push and pull technology, similar to the paddles on the wheels of a real SF1000 single-seat race car.

The magnetic gear selector is made of 100% aluminum, provides the best durability and control, can be activated clearly and precisely to avoid driving errors, and provides unlimited service life. There are also two adjustable analog paddles behind the steering wheel.

Compatible with T series rules.

The steering wheel uses the Thrustmaster wheel replacement system and is designed to be compatible with all T Series road bike mounts (sold separately).

The Ferrari SF1000 Additional Formula Steering Wheel complies with the following bases: TS-PC, T-GT, TS-XW, TX Steering Wheel Servo Base, T300 Steering Wheel Servo Base.

Interchangeable rocker switches

Thanks to the interchangeability of the gearboxes, the Ferrari SF1000 Edition attached to a Formula steering wheel is an incredibly versatile steering wheel. For easy gear changes (return time under 5ms), T-Chrono paddles (sold separately) are a must-have accessory for amazing lap times.

Thrustmaster Ferrari SF 1000 Formula Wheel XBOX Series X
Thrustmaster Ferrari SF 1000 Formula Wheel XBOX Series X

  •     The world's highest resolution interactive screen
  •     Official Ferrari Certified Product
  •     Wireless communication monitoring with high-bandwidth telemetry function
  •     21 lights: 15 engine speed lights, 2 x 3 FIA logo lights

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