Vilo VLWF01 AC1200 Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System
Vilo VLWF01 AC1200 Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System

The Vilo Mesh Dual Band AC1200 Wi-Fi System covers an area of ​​4,500 square feet. Wi-Fi Router and Extender Replacement

Setup has never been easier

Set up your home network and get it up and running in minutes. Other vilos are automatically delivered in the same package. No configuration required.

civil control

Monitor your child's online activities by setting an offline time and block websites with suspicious content.

guest network

Create a guest network to share with your friends and family. By selecting the permanent option, the guest network is automatically closed at the appropriate time.

Device management

Find out what devices are connected to Vilo and how they are connected. Quickly tap your finger to prevent unknown devices from joining your home network.

Show data usage

Pay special attention to the data usage of all connected devices and the complete WiFi network.

Check network status

The System Dashboard makes it easy to monitor network health and improve network performance.

Vilo VLWF01 AC1200 Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System
Vilo VLWF01 AC1200 Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System

  •  Use the Vilo Mesh WiFi system to eliminate blind spots in your home. WiFi system covers your home with strong internet signal to avoid interference in basement and upstairs rooms.
  • The Vilo 4500-SQUARE-FOOT 3-Pack Mesh WiFi System can cover every corner of your home with or without an internet connection. Use additional Vilo plug and play WiFi routers to extend your coverage.
  • The APP powered network WiFi system allows parents to control screen time and block websites for their children. The Vilo Mesh WiFi System 3-Pack can connect up to 120 devices without affecting performance.
  • The three Ethernet ports on each Vilo Mesh WiFi router connect game consoles, media streaming boxes, and TVs for unlimited bandwidth access. The dual-band WiFi system includes WPA2-PSK security protocol, so you can sit back and relax.
  • Vilo Mesh WiFi system can be easily configured by network name and minimum configuration. Best WiFi system to cover the whole family and even set up a guest network for your visitors.

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