ZUMIMALL F5 1080P Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
ZUMIMALL F5 1080P Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

ZUMIMALL Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080P WiFi Security Camera Battery Powered Suitable for Home Security System Night Vision Motion Detection Two-way Call IP66 Weatherproof

 Quick and easy setup

Easy to install and install indoors and outdoors. With weather resistance certification, you won't stop in heavy rain or sunshine. Scan the QR code with the free ZUMIMALL app and get started.

 Use Connecting1 or 4 F5 Cam to see your whole house

With the real-time viewer function, you can check-in at home at any time using the ZUMIMALL APP. Interact, listen and talk to your loved ones and defend yourself against potential thieves when you are away.

 Share with interested parties

ZUMIMALL Cam can be shared with multiple family members, so everyone can access live broadcasts and video recordings. Simply ask your family to download the ZUMIMALL app and invite them to your account. The camera post can also be deleted.

Strong WiFi - Don't worry about being offline

With the ZUMIMALL Wireless Outdoor Camera, you're always connected to your home, so you can keep track of what's happening at any time via your mobile device.

 Real smart home security camera

  •     Adapt to the most sensitive PIR digital motion sensor, support instant alarms and record events on micro SD card or ZUMIMALL cloud.
  •     ZUMIMALL Wireless Security Camera System provides powerful protection for your home.

 For ZUMIMALL, your safety always comes first.

  •     We also initially intend to continue researching and upgrading security cameras. Since the establishment of ZUMIMALL in 2008, we have supplied indoor and outdoor cameras to millions of customers. During this time, our technical support team has grown rapidly.
  •     If you choose ZUMIMALL, you have chosen a reliable partner.
  •     We promise you the ultimate customer experience at ZUMIMALL.

 Everything on the phone

  •     When you are worried about the safety of your home, sometimes you worry that you will lose your package or feel frustrated that you cannot take care of your children and pets. ZUMIMALL Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras could be the answer.
  •     Over the past 13 years, we have constantly improved technology and strive to bring you an affordable 100% wireless security camera, and now we have it!
ZUMIMALL F5 1080P Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
ZUMIMALL F5 1080P Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

  •  [Long Standby and Safety Critical Equipment] Two 2600mAh batteries can provide 1-6 months of runtime on a single charge. Install it anywhere and leave it there. ZUMIMALL Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and thus have a longer service life. The improved built-in antenna gives you a stronger signal and a wider Wi-Fi connection. Install 4 security cameras in less than 10 minutes to protect every corner of your home for 365 days.
  • [Smarter Motion Detection & Instant Alert] The updated PIR sensor will send a real-time alert when it detects motion, so you don't have to check the app too often. Adapted detection sensitivity and alarm patterns to prevent false alarms from bothering you. With external surveillance cameras, you can detect, record and output alarms.
  • [Real 1080P video in real time. View your home day and night in Full HD 1080P and see a range of up to 20 meters in the dark. You can watch videos on your iOS or Android mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Thanks to ZUMIMALL's advanced multi-channel viewing function, up to 4 cameras can be viewed simultaneously without switching. Protect your whole family by connecting one or more F5 outdoor security cameras to the ZUMIMALL app.
  • [2 Channel Audio and Multi-User Sharing] From there, watch and interact with your kids, pets, or anyone you love so you don't run out of packages or make guests wait. Share indoor surveillance cameras with your family and you can watch remotely at the same time.

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