Samsung brings One UI design to PC
Samsung brings One UI design to PC

Samsung brings One UI 4 mobile interface design to the Galaxy Book series of Windows laptops.

New design changes appear in Samsung Windows apps such as Notes, Photo Library, and Settings.

These changes are designed to match the mobile user interface that the company is bringing to its latest Android phones to make it easier to switch between the two.

The main Settings app has been redesigned to better reflect design changes from Windows 11, with new app icons, menu layouts, and more.

The Korean company's Notes app also has a new menu layout, updated icons, and updated folders. The Gallery app has also been updated to reflect the changes made to One UI 4 and includes a dark mode that matches the Windows 11 theme.

While Microsoft also revolutionized its design language with Windows 11, Samsung's changes brought a more mobile user interface to its Windows apps.

The company released a video outlining their expectations for the change, with the goal of bridging the gap between mobile and computing experiences and making the whole thing more similar.

Samsung is trying to turn Windows into a phone

The company calls this new experience One UI Book 4, and it's suitable for Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Flex 2, Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Odyssey.

Samsung's efforts to design the Windows operating system ended after years of close collaboration between the two giants. The initial collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung was aimed at bringing Windows and Android closer, resulting in a unique mobile integration with Samsung devices.

The South Korean company has also integrated OneDrive support into its mobile app. It's true that Microsoft has improved Office apps for the foldable Galaxy Fold. The two companies also signed a special partnership for Xbox Game Pass via Android.

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