Signal founder makes fun of NFT madness
Signal founder makes fun of NFT madness

Moxi Marlinspike, founder of secure messaging app Signal, announced through his Twitter account that he has created and sold an irreplaceable NFT token that changes its appearance depending on the platform or users accessing it.

In this way, the icon representation with the title "Do whatever you want" on the OpenSea platform is different from the representation on the Rarible platform. Although according to Marlinspike, this is not all because of this purely digital code.

According to Marlinspike, people who buy and own an NFT see it as a bunch of bad emojis in their wallets.

Marlinspike seems to do so to denounce the fragility and fragility of the NFT, and it should serve as permanent proof of owning a work of art or media.

NFT is a unique digital token that is stored on the blockchain. However, in most cases, the dataset is located throughout the blockchain. Pictures or illustrations are saved elsewhere.

The data found via NFT images is not stored on the blockchain. But it's a URL that points to the work. Therefore, even though the NFT is the only record containing information about its owner, the image is stored elsewhere as the image hosting location.

This means that those who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it may be at the mercy of image hosts that operate independently of the blockchain.

Signal founder tries to explain the fragility of NFT

The founder of Signal said that this means that anyone who controls the domain name can change the image or name of the NFT and its appearance at any time.

He added, “If you look at the most popular NFTs, you will find that some tokens are being sold at high prices. The image of the NFT is taken from a random virtual private server that uses the Apache server.

Marlinspike claims that its NFT does this by default. "The data in the NFT image can change because the NFT depends on the IP or user agent of the request," he said.

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