Valve wants to make sure games are compatible with Steam Deck
Valve wants to make sure games are compatible with Steam Deck

With Steam Deck launching in December 2021, it has taken Valve some time to make sure that players know which games can be played on their mobile devices.

While the website always promises to be your ubiquitous Steam library, there is no doubt that PC games will work well on Linux portable devices.

The company recently opened a Twitter account for the device to highlight PC games running on Steam. It also shows which software is compatible with Steam Deck.

Steam compatibility stickers appear on all games released on Steam and fall into four categories. The highest verified level has a green logo with a check mark. Refers to games that work perfectly on the Steam platform.

Low levels open a yellow exclamation mark, which means you may have to adjust the settings manually for this to work.

The other two tags are for games that are not supported by Steam Deck or games that are unknown because they have not been tested.

The verified game works with an on-screen keyboard and supports Steam Deck's native resolution. It also fully supports the operating system.

You can use the joystick to move through the menu. The homepage of the integrated store only shows verified games. However, you can still browse or search the entire store.

Valve also provides information for developers to verify that their game supports laptops and stages so that anyone can submit the game for review.

Valve is testing games compatible with Steam Deck

Even if they are not submitted manually, important approvals can be reviewed. Developers can submit the game for review before it is released.

Even if developers think that their game is not suitable for Steam Deck, they cannot hide it in the in-device app store.

Rather than restricting access to certain products, we hope that customers will be able to find suitable products that match their specific goals and needs.

When it comes to PC games, compatibility with different hardware is both a plus and a minus. From proprietary control systems to anti-fraud software, anything can cause problems.

The company is trying to take active steps to help owners immediately understand which games are being played.

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