Tesla offers a glimpse into its future without Elon Musk
Tesla offers a glimpse into its future without Elon Musk

Everyone is talking about Tesla as Elon Musk. Most importantly, on the one hand, the company has achieved great success, and on the other hand, Musk is widely known for managing other well-known companies such as SpaceX and The Boring Company.

Although Elon Musk remains the company's CEO, the company held a meeting to discuss financial performance and was absent. The company held a very traditional and structured meeting.

In short, if Elon Musk leaves the company soon. The management approach for the coming period will reflect what happened in the last company meeting last Wednesday night.

Elon Musk has raised the possibility of leaving Tesla more than once. A lot has happened in recent years. After the success of Model 3 and Model Y in particular, the business is sufficient to stabilize the business.

Earlier, Elon Musk said in a lawsuit, "I tried not to become the CEO of Tesla. But I had to do it to keep him from falling."

Tesla gives insight into its future without Musk

Musk hasn't overstated or overstated it, but Tesla was once at risk of bankruptcy, especially in 2018. In addition, the company and its CEO have faced many problems and issues over the past several years.

Interesting situations often arise at Tesla meetings, led by Elon Musk, because his behavior is often strange. But that didn't happen at the last meeting just because he wasn't there.

At a recent meeting, the company's chief financial officer, Zachary Kirkorn, and assistant directors, Lars Morav and Drew Pagliano, replaced Musk. On the one hand, he answered the questions of investors in advance, and on the other hand, he answered the questions of the bankers present.

When the Transportation Safety Board asked about the Tesla investigation, its response was very diplomatic.

Although the style changed during the meeting, the business leaders who succeeded Musk were equally enthusiastic and concerned. Kirkorn has always adhered to the company's goal of doubling production by 50% each year.

If Musk leaves the company at any time, the company will operate as you knew in the previous session. Perhaps one of the problems with Elon Musk's behavior is his Tesla tweet. However, when he posts a tweet about a new feature or feature, it is an implied staff to consider it.

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