The new Microsoft Store for Windows 10 testers
The new Microsoft Store for Windows 10 testers

Microsoft has launched a new App Store for Windows 10 for Windows 10 users. The software giant has now released a new App Store for Windows 10 testers in the Release Preview ring and the latest version of the next update on November 10. 2021.

The company had promised in June that the new Store would appear in Windows 10 at some point. Today's preview marks the first time Windows 10 testers can download and install it.

The updated App Store is the same as the Windows 11 App Store, with better access to Win32 apps and the ability to try Disney+ content, and the same fluid user interface as Windows 11.

This new corporate store is also more open than before, allowing third-party stores, including the Epic Games Store.

The store brings a more modern design that includes all the new apps recently added to the company's store. However, Android apps are not supported. At the moment, this appears to be a unique feature of Windows 11.

The company's new approach to its store also means the launch of a number of apps including Discord, Zoom, VLC, TeamViewer and Visual Studio Code. It has nothing to do with the framework or the technology with which it was developed.

Essentially, this means that developers can publish Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java and Progressive Web Applications directly to the storefront and are responsible for the update mechanism.

Every browser can now also be listed in the Store, even now Opera and Yandex browsers can be used.

The new App Store will soon open to all Windows 10 users

Windows 11 came out a few weeks ago. Therefore, access is restricted compared to more than 1 billion Windows 10 users.

The introduction of the new App Store in Windows 10 aims to encourage more developers to put their apps in the storefront, introducing their apps to more potential customers.

If you want to test the new Microsoft Store on Windows 10, you need to enter the Windows Insider Release Preview loop. The new Store update is expected to be available to all Windows 10 users in the coming weeks.

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