The rapid growth of the gaming broadcasting field under the auspices of YouTube and Twitch
The rapid growth of the gaming broadcasting field under the auspices of YouTube and Twitch

Technology leaders own a large number of innovative and diverse projects, and these companies have begun to pay attention to the gaming market as a whole, especially the live game broadcasting market. Perhaps the most successful platforms in this field are YouTube and Twitch.

The process of live streaming of game content depends on whether the camera is installed during the game or not. Then play the game content that the user plays and real-time images of him during the game that allows his feelings and participation in the game to be conveyed to all the viewers.

There is no doubt that this field has attracted dozens of startups. But it also attracts big tech companies. This is because Amazon owns the Twitch platform. In addition, Google owns the entire YouTube platform, including the streaming part of the game.

On the other hand, Facebook is trying to create the Facebook Gaming service in competition. While Microsoft put a lot of effort into Mixer, it didn't have enough success, so the company shut it down.

Over time, the live broadcast of the game ceased to be entertaining and many reporters became online projects. It is also a great income generating business. Also, unlike other regions, live game broadcasts have a lot of social elements. Here broadcasters can talk to viewers. On most platforms, viewers can talk to each other via SMS.

Twitch and YouTube in the game streaming market

A 2019 survey found that the majority of tweens and teens want to be online influencers. Because 50% of the respondents expressed their desire to do so.

When the path to fame crosses the path of play, this is what many users care about. Most of them are top players.

But the influence of Twitch and YouTube doesn't stop there as it affects the habit of regular viewers who don't play game time, just want to watch. In fact, millions of users love watching others play.

Players who have a good sense of humor are more successful. Because much of the experience of watching the game live is based on the player's feedback rather than his playing skills, fans are sure to love hearing the funny jokes and stories while watching.

Professional gamers now play their games for up to 60 hours a week on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming, which has become the norm in many cases. In fact, viewers can “donate” at any time and enjoy the streaming platform themselves.

PewDiePie is perhaps one of the most successful streaming media, which has the second largest number of subscribers on the entire YouTube platform. Although he chose more than one bad speaking style, his importance came to light more than once when the platform did not stop him or punish him.

Today, live game streaming is an amazing community with hundreds of millions of users. In addition to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, other companies are also expected to enter the field, such as Apple, which has shown interest in gaming on several occasions.

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