Samsung announces cloud gaming for Tizen TV
Samsung announces cloud gaming for Tizen TV

Samsung announced its entry into cloud gaming with the presentation of the Tizen Smart TV platform. The news was announced in the opening address of the company's developer conference.

But Samsung has not provided more detailed information about which games are available, what other platforms they are available on, or when they will be released.

Cloud gaming is a field that many of its major technology competitors are entering. But it also marks the field that Samsung has entered before.

In early 2010, the company partnered with a game streaming company called Gaikai to bring the first versions of cloud gaming to high-end TVs.

At the time, the company said, “Samsung Cloud Gaming allows you to play games with just a TV, an internet connection, and a game console.”

The system has been entered into the testing phase. But then the new owner of Gai Kai decided to go a different path. It is owned by Sony as the technology is integrated with the PlayStation Now service.

The South Korean giant will face more competition than some of its top tech rivals in 2021.

Google Stadia is operated by Amazon and Luna is developed by Amazon. More and more game-oriented companies such as Microsoft and Nvidia also have their own products.

Samsung enters the cloud gaming sector

However, the overall goal is to offer game streaming services on as many platforms as possible while offering the same gaming experience on mobile phones and TVs.

Samsung said in a Q&A on its website, that the goal of its cloud gaming service is to enable users to play the latest games on the company's smart TV equipped with the Tizen platform.

Based on this information, the new service can be considered very exclusive. Even if that could change in the future. Samsung said it is working with partners to expand the service and take advantage of network technology to support it.

In the past, TVs were rated solely on the basis of resolution and design, the company said. But due to changing lifestyles and user needs, the type of content that TV can deliver is becoming critical.

"Thanks to the Tizen platform, Samsung Smart TVs can offer users a wide range of content to suit all tastes," she added.

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