Tik Tok adds the option to mute the comments of the live broadcast
Tik Tok adds the option to mute the comments of the live broadcast

Hoping to expand the use of live broadcasting options into e-commerce, as part of its broader monetization campaign, TikTok is adding a new control option for live broadcasters that will allow them to provide feedback to individual viewers at different times. .

Live broadcast hosts can now mute specific viewers for a period of time or the entire broadcast if they choose.

And the platform explained: Now the moderator or his assistant can temporarily mute the stage sound for a few seconds, minutes, or during a live broadcast. If the account is muted for a period of time, the person's entire comment history will also be erased.

"Live hosts can use keyword filters to block comments or limit potentially harmful comments," she added. We hope that these new controls will allow both the host and audience to enjoy a safe and enjoyable live broadcast.

The added benefit of clearing all previous user comments is a huge plus, as it can help manage live interactions and reduce unnecessary distractions.

This has always been a problematic factor. In 2018, Twitter had to update its rules for live interaction. A number of previous surveys have shown that women are attracted to a variety of offensive remarks and comments, especially during live broadcasts.

As mentioned earlier, when looking for direct commerce through various partnerships with major brands, TikTok must also provide a safe environment for brands and consumers to increase their attractiveness.

Tik Tok makes user safety its primary concern

With this in mind, the ability to quickly isolate inappropriate commentators and remove their influence can be a valuable addition. The platform also added a new Live Host option in July to provide additional management options in this regard.

The announcement is part of a larger snapshot of the platform's latest implementation report from the platform's Community Guidelines, which outline all actions the platform took from April through June of this year to respond to violations.

The platform found that it deleted more than 81 million videos during that period. This corresponds to less than 1% of all videos uploaded via the platform. This shows that more than 90 million videos are uploaded to the platform every day.

We identified 93.0% of these videos and removed them within 24 hours of being posted. and 94.1% before user reports. 87.5% of the deleted content was never seen by anyone.

The platform stated that their warnings, which prompt users to reconsider potentially offensive comments, are also having an effect.

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