Will Apple respond to Google's invitation and put iMessage at risk?
Will Apple respond to Google's invitation and put iMessage at risk?

Messaging app is a must for every user. Apple's iMessage is perhaps one of the most popular messaging and chatting apps out there. However, Apple only makes it available for its devices. It looks like Google is trying to change this.

Here, the VP of Android at Google asked Apple to specifically apply RCS technology to iPhones and the company's products. In this way, Android phone users can easily communicate with iPhone users.

In fact, the iPhone is used as the main calling and messaging app in the iMessage app. In addition to solutions available on all platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp of course.

RCS technology is referred to as a new generation of direct messaging technology that replaces the old SMS technology. This technology allows you to send and receive high-quality photos, payments, locations and files directly from the built-in messaging app on your Android phone.

What this means is that this technology enables regular SMS apps to offer a user experience similar to apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Google built this technology into Android and other companies started supporting it as the default messaging app for Samsung phones is now supported.

Google wants to provide RCS for the iPhone

Google has dozens of agreements with Internet service providers to support this feature on Android phones. In fact, an internet connection is required to connect, send and receive files via RCS.

Google's goal is to adopt this new protocol as much as possible across all devices and platforms. This prompted them to invite Apple to take over as well.

The call from Google to Apple may not have been formal enough, as a tweet from Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of Android, showed that he didn't even mention Apple directly. Instead, his tweet illustrates the importance of adopting the protocol across all platforms.

Apple has yet to respond to Lockheimer's tweet. Experts also ruled out the Cupertino giant and Google's reaction to it, as this cooperation would jeopardize the important competitive advantage of iMessage, that is, its exclusivity for iPhone users.

On the other hand, the RCS technology/protocol is still very much in need of development and is not yet fully supported, Google mainly introduces this technology in its messaging app.

RCS is expected to continue to grow and evolve until one day it will replace traditional SMS messaging. But it will not happen so quickly, and it will be a process that will take many years.

Currently, users of iPhone, iPad and even Mac computers can communicate with each other directly and without restrictions through iMessage, relying on the Internet and working in the same way as RCS. Some people think that this is an alternative to iMessage for Android. phones.

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