Twitch: Changing server settings causes data leaks
Twitch: Changing server settings causes data leaks

Twitch released an update for a large-scale hacking attack that appeared to leak the source code, payment number, and other information.

The platform said the data was leaked due to an error changing settings on the Twitch server, which was later accessed by a third party.

He added that his team is urgently investigating the attack. Amazon's media streaming platform said there was no evidence that credentials had been compromised. Including the password.

In addition, the company stated that we will not keep full credit card numbers. Therefore, the full credit card number is not disclosed.

The platform also said that out of great caution, all broadcast keys have been reset and a link to retrieve new keys has been provided. Depending on the streaming software you are using, you may need to manually update the software to start a new broadcast.

I wrote: Twitch Studio, Streamlabs, Xbox, PlayStation and Twitch Mobile App users do not need to take any action for the new Switch functionality. OBS users who connect their accounts through our platform need no action.

However, if you have not linked your OBS account to the platform, you will need to manually copy and paste the conversion from your Twitch dashboard to OBS. For all other software, please follow the setup instructions for your chosen software.

Twitch blames server failure for data breach

The attackers claimed to have stolen the entire website, including the source code of the platform's mobile apps, game consoles and computers.

You also get access to proprietary SDKs, AWS in-house services, Red Team tools, and more. All this information enables potential hackers to investigate vulnerabilities, making the platform vulnerable to future attacks.

The leak also revealed that thousands of big players like xQc, Nickmercs and Shroud have been paid millions of dollars. Many people assert that these numbers are correct. The platform said the investigation would continue. "We are still investigating the effects in detail," the company wrote.

Some of the stolen data dates back to three years ago. As a result, the server may be unprotected for a period of time or the door may be accidentally left open for days or weeks.

Hackers are constantly looking for unprotected online databases or anyone can report internal computer errors to the hacker. But the cost of these errors is high, especially when you're a big target like Twitch.

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