Apple controls its products via the Lightning port
Apple controls its products via the Lightning port

So far, Apple has relied on the iPhone's Lightning port. This is because most Android phones rely on the USB-C charging port on the one hand, and most device manufacturers on the other.

Since this port provides high speed, most tech products have a USB-C charging port.

In addition, Apple relies on USB-C ports on iPad tablets, MacBook laptops, and many other products.

The USB-C port provides fast charging and data transfer. A few days ago, USB-C 2.1 was announced, which can charge at up to 240W.

On the other hand, the European Union is currently discussing a bill to force companies to use USB-C ports. However, the company continues to insist on using the Lightning port, which only allows fast charging at ---watts.

Apple controls its devices via the Lightning port

Nothing stops companies from relying on USB-C ports. This was evident when the company started relying on USB-C in many of its devices.

However, the company hopes to maintain its own outlets only to exercise control over the products that still operate based on outlets. Especially iPhone.

Perhaps the main reason for this is its desire to control add-ons and extensions that use its exclusive export. And do not forget that Apple sold the manufacturer a license for this port.

In addition, at the request of the European Union, the American company confirmed that the transition of the iPhone to the USB-C port will generate a lot of electronic waste at this speed, as a large number of users use Lightning. connections for many years.

According to reports, Apple could completely forgo charging if the European Union insists on it. Instead, rely on MagSafe products to charge wirelessly.

In fact, Apple launched a number of successful MagSafe products that were originally based on the Lightning port, but no connection between the new EU law and any components or accessories.

All indications are that Apple never intended to use the iPhone's USB-C port, and in any case, the company would do so a few years ago if the company wanted to use that port.

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