Twitch leaked its source code
Twitch leaked its source code

An anonymous hacker claimed to have exposed the entire Twitch platform, including users' source code and payment information.

One user posted a 125GB torrent link through 4chan, claiming that the leak was intended to increase the destruction and competition in online video streaming.

The leaked data appears legitimate, including the source code of an Amazon-owned streaming platform. Internally, the platform appears to be aware of the hack and assumes that the data was received recently.

The data that was disclosed included the following:

  •     All platform source code with annotated history from early days.
  •     Builder Income Report 2019
  •     Source code for mobile, PC and cross-platform applications.
  •     Proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by the platform.
  •     Other products on the platform are IGDB and CurseForge.
  •     An unannounced Steam competitor to Amazon Game Studios, codenamed Vapor.
  •     Red Teaming's internal platform tools are designed to improve security by allowing employees to appear as intruders.

Twitch suffers from a lot of leaks

Some Twitter users have already started crawling torrent files and looking for leaked information. Someone claimed that the file contained encrypted passwords as well, indicating that users enable two-factor authentication to ensure security.

If you have a Twitch account, it is recommended that you also enable two-factor authentication to ensure that even if your password is stolen, you will still need your mobile phone to use SMS or an app to prove your identity.

The seed also reportedly contains the unit code for a game called Vapeworld, which appears to be a chatbot based on Amazon's previously unreleased competitor Steam.

At the same time, Vapor, the codename of the alleged Steam competitor, will be integrating several functions of Twitch into its play store. He also claimed that leaked documents indicate that popular operators such as Shroud, Nickmercs and DrLupo have made millions of dollars working with popular streaming platforms.

The anonymous leaker said that this was only the first part of the leaked content. But he didn't say what he wanted to post either.

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