Twitter improves live video quality
Twitter improves live video quality

Twitter has announced that it will remove the Live Video Guest option, which will only allow users to add audio guests to their live broadcasts.

The platform introduced this feature in March of last year, helping to satisfy the growing interest in streaming connections.

Although the platform's voice visitor options fall far short of the functionality available in other apps right from the start.

Around this time, Zoom was introduced as a real-time conferencing platform that allows multiple video participants to participate at the same time.

Instagram and Facebook also offer live video streaming for guests. However, it should be noted that Facebook canceled this option in late 2019 and then brought it back due to the pandemic.

This means that people have plenty of options to connect to a live stream with full video capabilities. As a result, Twitter may not recognize the voice guest option and not respond to the request, which is why it has been removed.

As pointed out by the platform, the main reason for turning off the live guest option is to better allow the platform to improve the quality of video playback, which has been the topic of interest lately.

Twitter has removed the direct guest option

Interestingly, today Facebook also announced a new option for players to share shows with friends, underlining the need for such interactions.

If you want to invite audio guests, you can now fill this gap with spaces. You can still stream on Twitter or elsewhere and learn about all the different ways it can be used.

The platform announced in September that new videos posted on it would be pixelated. This is after poor video quality on Twitter has been a source of frustration for users for a long time.

The platform removes the pre-processing step when uploading the video. The company stated that the removal procedure will split the video into smaller parts for viewing. It can degrade the quality with additional processing.

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