Twitter adds new options to Carousel ads
Twitter adds new options to Carousel ads

Twitter announced an update to its Carousel ads, and also previewed some ad scaling and coverage options as part of a preview of how it's adapting to new internet privacy changes and its ability to target ads accordingly.

Carousel ads can help advertisers reach new audiences and direct people to their websites or apps with multiple images or videos under one ad.

The major update is the addition of a new custom header and landing page options in each carousel ad frame, providing more options for creating responsive ads to change audiences in a single campaign.

“With a multi-destination carousel, advertisers can now customize the title and landing page to help them take appropriate action against their target audience,” the platform said.

Advertisers can make their posts more flexible by using unique URLs and URLs for each circle. Once, users can interact with multiple photos or videos and then tap to go to different destinations.

This provides more flexibility in using different ad creatives in a single campaign, while highlighting specific features or use cases to increase appeal.

It can also help locate the slides. Each click highlights specific elements of each user's interests and helps categorize the response.

Twitter reviews upcoming promotional updates

The platform said it has been testing new options in the past few months. Compared to single-source ads, test advertisers found that campaigns that increased website traffic conversion rates increased click-through rate by 25%.

In addition, Twitter plans to provide more options to increase advertising campaigns on the site. understand:

  •     Website Visit Optimization: A simplified shopping model designed to find and display ads to the audience most likely to visit an advertiser's website.
  •     Ad format: Use usability updates, format details, and a call-to-action to identify ways to improve how you interact with ads.
  •     Measurements and Reports: Effectively test and build measurement and empirical solutions to protect the privacy of online advertising products in the future.

The platform is also improving its promotional tools for installing apps and using this new look in many of the tested updates. App install campaigns may soon include a new overlay format that will allow viewers to install apps instantly.

Twitter is also committed to updating the optimization model to target new products such as improved in-app purchases after app installation and installation. This allows advertisers to run campaigns to find people who are most likely to make purchases through the app.

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