Twitter has started the Spark program to support spaces creators
Twitter has started the Spark program to support spaces creators

Twitter appears to be preparing for a new push for Live Audio Spaces products, an expansion of the Spaces tab, improved in-app broadcast discovery, and the launch of a new Spark support program to encourage creative audio talent. .

As Twitter explained, the Spark Plan is a three-month acceleration plan that aims to discover the entire platform space and reward it with financial, technical and marketing support.

She added, “We are looking for aspiring content creators who are passionate about live audio formats across social media and interested in creating programming through Spaces.

The software is very similar to the Clubhouse's Creator Accelerator. Tik Tok has also created its own designer fund. The same goes for Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

In other words, all major platforms are now trying to provide more support and assistance to content creators in order to build an ecosystem of content and align talent with their apps.

Twitter has also released a number of monetization plans for content creators. However, this new plan is specifically targeting audio content creators.

The platform hopes to do its best to support Spaces and Podcasts. Spark plans to save $2,500 per month for some attendees in addition to ad credits and revenue from ad space.

You can also contact the Spaces development team and learn about new features first. The platform can also advertise its shipments through its merchant accounts.

Twitter promotes Audio Spaces products

For rooms with good performance, there are also priority detection options in the app. This could mean that the platform wants to see these deliveries at the top of the Spaces tab. It helps content creators grow their audience and get more value from their efforts.

In an overview of the program, the platform indicated that it is particularly interested in applicants who have a certain degree of visibility in the field of social voice on other platforms.

This means that Twitter is looking for top talent from other platforms such as Clubhouse as part of its expansion plan.

To qualify for the first phase of the Spark program, you must live in the United States and have more than 5,000 subscribers to the application. You should also commit to hosting at least two rooms per week.

It is reported that Facebook's augmented reality development platform is also called Spark and also has its own funding plan.

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