witter announces wider launch of Spaces tab
witter announces wider launch of Spaces tab

Twitter has largely introduced a Spaces tab in the app that improves the discovery of Spaces by highlighting the audio stream currently in the app.

This feature has been tested for a while and has been available to select people for the past few weeks.

The new Spaces tab shows real-time audio broadcasts and lists that match your interests based on the people and topics you follow in the app.

This can attract more people, and you can always log in and see updates on topics that interest you in Spaces.

It is still difficult to find it, and thematic correspondence on Twitter has not yet been very successful. The fact that Spaces is open to just about anyone means that there are a lot of Spaces transfers happening all the time. It is unlikely that many of them are important.

If the platform is to win from Spaces, it needs to make sure that every time a user clicks on a tab, it highlights the best and most relevant domain for each user. But having the sticker itself is a milestone in other ways as well, providing another way to experience Spaces.

You can search for "Filter: Spaces" and you will get a list of all the programs in Spaces at any time. However, this tab offers an improved discovery experience and should attract more users.

Although it also adds another tab at the bottom of the power toolbar. But now users have also seen the look of the Community tab. This creates a more direct connection.

Twitter launches Spaces tab in iOS app

Having more marks may not be a problem. But the platform has hesitated in the past to add more function buttons to the bottom bar. This may be related to adding more messy usage trends and risks to the app.

However, if the platform is also hoping to add another Spaces discovery element via a DM invite at Space launch, the overall expansion looks good.

It's too early to judge whether Spaces will become a more important part of the Tweet experience or whether the larger audio network will continue to be a valuable sharing option over time.

It now appears that the initial turmoil around the club has largely subsided. Despite the constant interest, it still exists. Clubhouse recently reported that it now hosts about 700,000 rooms on the app per day.

The new Spaces tab has been introduced for English users on iOS. Although the new invite will also connect to iOS first via DM option.

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