Twitter plans to add new features to Twitter Blue
Twitter plans to add new features to Twitter Blue

It looks like Twitter is preparing to add more features and functionality to Twitter Blue. The app's new subscription service allows users in the first test group (Canada and Australia) to access a number of additional tweeting functionality for a monthly fee.

App researcher Alessandro Palozzi discovered new blue intro screens on Twitter in development. The updated Twitter Blue info card includes some new features for this option.

The original Twitter Blue package launched in June and offers paid users:

  •     Cancel Tweets: The ability to cancel Tweets sent within 30 seconds of posting.
  •     Bookmarks folder: A new way to organize tweets saved in a specific topic folder.
  •     Reader mode: Convert the Tweet discussion thread into elegant text so that you can read the entire content of the Tweet together.
  •     Color theme: Various color options for user experience screen.
  •     App icon: A custom app icon that you can use across your device.
  •     Dedicated Support: Users are prioritized when they receive help from Twitter.

Twitter plans to roll out subscription services more widely

Additionally, based on the new demo card, Twitter Blue followers will soon have access to:

  •     Popular Articles: Features that highlight articles that have been most frequently shared on your network in the last 24 hours.
  •     Article Reader: Provides a way to read ad-free articles from different publications via Twitter Blue's built-in subscription.
  •     Custom Navigation: Allows users to set the platform navigation tab of their choice from the app's bottom bar.
  •     Longer video download time: The ability to download video content is larger and the subscriber speed is also higher.
  •     Early Access to New Features: Subscribers can access features in beta mode even before the official release.

These features improve the Twitter Blue service, in particular the integration of Scroll and Nuzzel to provide more motivation to subscribe to the service.

One of the most notable features of Twitter Blue is the disarmament of tweets, and the platform hopes to attract a large number of users who have asked about tweet editing options. However, the methods for canceling a tweet are different from editing a tweet.

If you find an error, you can delete the tweet and rewrite it. You can make corrections later by editing. And you don't have to completely rewrite the Tweet.

For now, other Twitter Blue products are pretty simple. But these new features are sure to become even more important. The platform can help make Twitter Blue more attractive to more users. Especially if you want to expand your tours to other areas.

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