Twitter launches Ticketed Spaces for Android
Twitter launches Ticketed Spaces for Android

After Twitter first introduced the option to select iOS users in August, Twitter has now made the ticket space available to all iOS users in the US, this option is now also available on Android and offers another way to monetize the app.

Ticketed Spaces lets Spaces hosts set ticket prices for their broadcasts and content creators get 97% of the revenue.

Once the total income for individual creators reaches $50,000 (accumulated through paid sites and super subscriptions), that percentage drops to 80%.

However, the potential to make money from in-app audio streaming is still great and more users can now access this option.

To qualify for the ticket space, a host must be at least 18 years old and have hosted three live audio rooms within 30 days of submission. The host must also have at least 1,000 fans across the platform.

The extension is based on the platform's social voice push, which includes the addition of a new Spaces tab, which is also made available to more users.

Twitter also hopes to add new hashtags to Discover Spaces to highlight relevant offers in real time to potential interested users.

Expanding the program could help Twitter retain some of the best singing talent. This is done by giving them additional incentives to stream in the app.

Compared to the suite, the space can also provide better access and a better view. This can also increase revenue, which is another big lure for potential broadcasters on offer.

Twitter wants to make the most of spaces

It's too early to say if Spaces will become the main content of the Twitter experience. Most of the early talk about this feature is now gone.

Although it has quite a few uses, it can offer great value in some ways. However, in the long run, it is unclear whether users will care about social voices. Especially after the lifting of Corona restrictions. People can resume normal social activities and reduce the need for online communication.

But there are some interesting use cases. The platform is also investing in creator spaces. This is because they want to make more use of all the values ​​that can be obtained from the direct audio space.

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