Uber wants to reduce the chaos of traveling at the airport
Uber wants to reduce the chaos of traveling at the airport

Uber is introducing a number of new features designed to improve airport travel so that customers in certain cities can book their way to the airport 30 days in advance and send trip information to drivers so they can track their progress in real time.

With airport traffic steadily increasing after the pandemic, Uber sees an opportunity to cement its position as the first choice for passenger pickup and drop-off, and to improve drivers who have long complained about the current chaotic system.

The company is offering Uber backup reservations at additional airports in the United States. The company is also working with the flight database OAG to add flight tracking information.

When a flight is pre-booked, passengers must provide flight information and be notified of a potential delay or early arrival within 24 hours of landing.

The Uber algorithm reacts to any change in time, automatically adjusting the time of the reservation and notifying the driver. If the arrival time changes several times, the application ensures that the passengers will not hear the sound of the application.

Uber is more optimistic about its financial condition

Uber Reserve debuted in dozens of markets nearly a year ago. Before that, car booking was the exclusive domain of car rental companies.

For years, the company thought these functions were unnecessary when the car could be called at your door in about five minutes. It is alarming that the driver did not immediately react to the trip request, but wasted time waiting for the booked customer.

In addition to route information, Uber also offers a free 60-minute wait. So if you are not ready to get into the car after landing, the driver will wait for you for an hour. Passengers cannot pay additional fees. But the company compensates the driver for the waiting time.

If you still don't like planning ahead, the company is rolling out another new feature called Ready when You Are. Passengers request to get on the bus after landing and can choose to get on the bus within 20 minutes, 10 minutes or as soon as possible. It depends on how fast the plane lands and crosses the baggage area.

Uber has a new feature that makes automatic roadside pickup less difficult. The company uses machine learning to predict demand in advance and then dispatch a series of drivers to find passengers faster.

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