Users are more important than the wishes of Apple and app developers
Users are more important than the wishes of Apple and app developers

The decisions of the application developer may not be appropriate for most users. In these cases, they want users to accept it easily, which they usually don't. The same goes for Apple, especially when you are fully developing iOS.

These decisions often have a negative impact on the company developing the app. One example is AgileBits, developer of the popular password app 1Password, who decided to abandon the current version of the macOS app while introducing an entirely new app.

That's right, but the new app is an app built on the web version by a development system called Electron. In other words, the company has given up custom apps optimized for Mac in exchange for the web version of the app.

Of course, most users are against this change and are considering giving up the app in exchange for a replacement or continuing to use the old version. So AgileBits made the wrong decision. This decision helps the development team and reduces development efforts, but it hurts users in one way or another.

According to experts, this is not uncommon in software and applications. Because companies of all sizes can make decisions based on specific software or development methods in order to reduce costs and enhance business. But don't worry about the users.

Mistakes made by Apple and app developers

Over the years, the software market has been plagued with major problems. The software and its updates are sold on CD. In the absence of free updates, users will have to spend the same amount of money to buy a new version.

In this case, the mistakes of the company are more serious than the mistakes of the developers of 1Passwords. Because developers publish versions with very small improvements for the same price.

App developers usually receive negative ratings and comments. But when that happens, they also hate it because they think that regular users won't appreciate the development effort, especially if it's meticulous development.

These updates are called marketing updates, which is what Apple does today, and that's also what app developers usually do, and it's also what app developers do at home.

Perhaps one of the most important marketing features that Apple is trying to add to its value is its CSAM feature, which constantly scans images on a user's phone for images of violence and abuse. It does this through processing on the phone itself and not on Apple's servers.

There is no doubt that users are generally against this feature because, although it has a noble purpose, it threatens their privacy and digital security. Apple and developers take care of themselves and their interests again, not what users really want.

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