What is a stove phone and should you own one
What is a stove phone and should you own one

We all have a smartphone that we rely on in our daily lives. This phone contains the main SIM card that relies on the chip to communicate with family, friends and even co-workers. But usually the annoying problems arise when using the basic cell phone for shopping. Same casual contact with strangers, even at the time of purchase. This gave rise to the so-called burner telephone.

A dialer is defined as an inexpensive second phone that relies on a prepaid SIM card. It does not require monthly subscriptions or expensive bills. This type of phone appears in movies and series and is usually associated with criminals.

In fact, this type of cell phone protects privacy to a large extent. Especially since users tend to use SIM cards without entering into a contract with the company and without personal data. Such phones appeared in popular series such as Breaking Bad and The Wire.

Burning phone is translated by the English name Burner Phones, which is referred to as the "Mute" extra phone. In fact, they are traditional cell phones that do not depend on access to services such as WhatsApp or Telegram. These are usually old phones that aren't very expensive anyway.

Licensed mobile users can enjoy many features and luxuries that are difficult to obtain by relying on flagship phones. This is mainly due to the fact that, on the one hand, it is about protecting privacy, and on the other hand, avoiding inconveniences.

What is meant by phone?

Often times, users do not rely on their primary phone number across different apps and platforms. Like dating apps or buying and selling platforms. In addition, these phones are also useful in difficult times as they allow you to call emergency services without an Internet connection.

Carrying a phone always on can help users to travel long distances. Because old and traditional cell phones do not need to be recharged frequently. The phone can work continuously for several weeks without charging.

On the other hand, rely on this type of phone to avoid annoying calls. Because users can sign up for different services and then skip promotions or automatic calls.

Due to the technological advancements we live in, there are alternatives to the idea of ​​burning a cell phone without having to buy a real cell phone. Perhaps the most important option is to install an additional link chip in the same phone (if it supports it).

Or, rely on apps and services like Burner that allow you to create a secondary phone number (virtual number) on the same phone without buying a phone or buying a new SIM card.

However, buying a burnt-out phone or a "dumb" second phone is still a great idea that works in all countries and for all people. Basically because it's cheap. The transcriber phone also provides its users with a number that can be used to receive activation messages and more. In addition to using hidden identities to make calls.

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