Apple makes old MagSafe products worthless
Apple makes old MagSafe products worthless

The iPhone 13 series has undergone a major update as it comes with a powerful magnet that allows users to attach various add-ons and accessories to the phone, and it also supports wired and wireless charging of various MagSafe products. Perhaps Apple has high hopes for this feature.

Users have already noticed that this technology will add a lot of color to the iPhone. It will change the way users interact with mobile phones. Apple also made huge profits selling accessories and products that support this new feature.

Here the company has introduced protective cases that support MagSafe technology. It also launched a dedicated charger that can be plugged in or used as a power bank, and aesthetic accessories like the iPhone mini wallet.

A few weeks ago, Apple launched a new generation of iPhone that made many accessories and add-ons, in different ways and in different shapes, worthless.

For example, the MagSafe Duo charger, which charges two devices at the same time, does not support the seventh generation Apple Watch, despite its cost of $129. In addition, Apple also launched a new version of the wallet at a price of $59. The new version supports Find My Network and takes the value of the previous version.

Apple discards old MagSafe products

Apple will complicate the situation further because the new MagSafe leather wallet that supports the Find My network does not support the previous generation of MagSafe protective cases and the price could go up to $49 to update the two products together.

Due to the larger camera space of the iPhone 13 cell phone, not all iPhone 12 protective cases are suitable for iPhone 13 cell phones.

On the other hand, the extensions and add-ons did not work as intended because the Apple promotional images shown above were misleading based on user reviews.

Let's also go back to the traditional MagSafe charger. It also comes with a very short link. It makes the user experience very bad. In addition, these add-ons require large capacity chargers. Apple's price ranges from $19 to $49.

Apple introduced additional charging accessories. It's a MagSafe battery. Although this accessory is built into the iPhone 12 and 13 mobile phones, its problems are much more than that. Because the magnet of the phone is not enough to hold it completely.

In addition, as we told you in the previous article, this battery is largely poorly designed and its capacity is not enough to charge the phone more than once on average.

Taking into account all the above factors. The MagSafe product does not appear to be having the expected success. It also does not provide a decent user experience to the users. It is side. On the other hand, after the release of the iPhone 13, Apple made many of its products unusable.

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