Why did Amazon enter the video game industry?
Why did Amazon enter the video game industry?

Amazon is a leader in global e-commerce. Because millions of users depend on it daily for their online purchases. But this business is much larger than a global online store.

In fact, Amazon works in several areas and benefits greatly from them. Including the scope of web services through AWS services that allow website owners to set up servers, etc.

Amazon offers many services and platforms, and some people may not know what you belong to. Examples include the content-streaming platform Twitch, the Alexa network analysis platform, and the IMDb platform, which is the world's largest database of movies, series, and artists.

The company's strength in artificial intelligence and machine learning is no secret. Especially after he unveiled his first home robot not so long ago.

Looks like Amazon won't let the gaming industry spoil it for them. Especially after tech companies make huge profits from it. But Amazon's attitude toward the gaming industry is very strange. Perhaps the best example of this is the highly anticipated New World Game.

Amazon and the video game industry

Amazon offers a game streaming service called Amazon Luna. It's a cloud service, just like Google Stadia or Microsoft's xCloud. Therefore, New World is expected to offer this service exclusively.

But Amazon took a different path. It will give everyone a new world in the form of a PC game. It can usually be purchased from the Steam or Epic Games store. Here, Amazon will export as a game developer and not as a service company.

Christoph Hartmann, vice president of the company's gaming division, addressed the topic and explained that Amazon wants to make its products in the gaming industry available to as many gamers as possible. Perhaps the company made these decisions after the difficulties it previously faced in the field of game development.

In fact, Amazon has acquired a number of well-known game development studios on the one hand, and has tried in vain to bring more than one game to the market on the other. However, New World is the company's most popular game.

Hartmann, who has been at GTA developer Take-Two for 20 years, believes the company's entry into the game industry isn't too late, but the time is right.

New World is developed by Orange County, an Amazon-owned studio with more than one development team. Perhaps the focus of the company's efforts in this area is clear. Since the company did not want to lose such a large space, the company's strategy focused on expanding into multiple areas and making huge investments from day one rather than focusing on profitability.

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