YouTube allows you to resume watching clips on another device
YouTube allows you to resume watching clips on another device

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for watching video content, although it is completely free. Over the past few months, Google has made sure to keep updating the YouTube app on smartphones to provide a better user experience.

This is because the YouTube app on Android and iOS has received new functionality and features such as easy access to clips, improved communication between users, and functions such as cutting short clips or the function of shorts that come with Tik Tok that can compete.

The platform is now testing a new feature to continue watching on different devices. As long as the user opens YouTube in the browser, the user can continue watching the clips that are being viewed on his smartphone.

The new functionality is currently in the testing phase and will be gradually opened to all users. Undoubtedly, this feature solves an important problem on the platform, which is that it is difficult for the user to watch the clip that he has just started seeing on another device.

This is because users add clips to the Watch Later list or manually search for other platforms.

Keep watching YouTube clips

The work of the resume viewer is very simple, without user intervention. When the user opens a clip on his smartphone, it is automatically activated to the end, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS.

What happened was that when I opened YouTube in a browser on a PC, a widget was displayed to the user in the lower right corner of the screen. The player showed the same clip that the user did not complete the first time and closed it in the same minute.

The user can zoom in on the little reader to continue looking normally, or close it completely if there is no interest. But for some reason, this feature does not work with official songs and music videos yet.

For this feature to work, you must of course use the same Google account in the YouTube app on your smartphone and in the browser version. You will also need to update the YouTube app to the latest version to see this feature.

So far we don't know if this function works in reverse. In other words, when the user can continue to watch the clips he watches in the browser through the smartphone.

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