MediaTek has overtaken Qualcomm and Apple to become the largest processor manufacturer
MediaTek has overtaken Qualcomm and Apple to become the largest processor manufacturer

In the smartphone processor and chipset market, competition is fierce between more than one company. Taiwanese company MediaTek succeeded in overtaking Apple and Qualcomm and became the processor manufacturer with the largest market share in the second quarter of 2021.

The Taiwanese company has released a number of attractive processors in the past few months. These include the powerful Dimensity 5G processors for smartphones and Kompanio processors for tablets and Chromebooks.

The latest CounterPoint report shows that the company controls 43% of the total smartphone processor market thanks to a new release focused on 5G networks.

The company is reported to have seen significant growth compared to last year. In fact, the company controlled just 26% of the smartphone processor market in the last year's quarter.

Qualcomm, which is developing the Snapdragon processor, has a market share of just 28%, which is a small percentage compared to MediaTek's results. It should be noted that the cellular market that supports 5G networks has seen a significant growth of 31% overall.

MediaTek has become the largest processor manufacturer

Despite the negative impact of the chipset crisis on the one hand and supply chain difficulties on the other, MediaTek has been able to maintain productivity and on-time delivery for smartphone manufacturers.

In turn, Apple managed to maintain its market share, which is only 14%. As we all know, all Apple products are used in its mobile phones and smart devices. In addition, UNSOC ranks fourth with 9% and Samsung with 7% is fifth and second to last.

The competition for smartphone processors has not stopped. On the contrary, MediaTek also competes with Qualcomm in the manufacture of chipsets and modems, especially 5G modems. Qualcomm maintained the number one position with a market share of 55%.

On the other hand, MediaTek's share in this market has successfully increased from 11% in the second quarter of 2020 to 30% in the second quarter of 2021, making it an even greater threat to Qualcomm.

The MediaTek processor has been out of action for several years, consuming a lot of power and heat, but these issues have been clearly addressed in the Dimensity flagship series and the mid-range Helio G series. However, smartphone makers still rely on the flagship Snapdragon processor in their phones.

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