Apple delays publishing digital identities until next year
Apple delays publishing digital identities until next year

According to the update on the iOS 15 page, the digital ID or digital driver's license feature originally announced during WWDC 2021 won't be available from Apple until early 2022.

Apple hasn't given a specific release date for the feature beyond early 2022, and the feature isn't enabled in the latest iOS 15.2 beta.

The change comes after announcing the company would seek tighter oversight over how the state implements the previously listed feature late this year.

The company announced that this feature will allow you to use the Wallet app to save your digital identity for use at airport security checkpoints.

The system depends on the state that supports it. The company announced that Arizona and Georgia will be the first to allow citizens to add passes to their phones (after Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah). But he did not say when that would happen.

A report released earlier this month revealed just how limited Apple's contracts with select countries to run the software are.

Under contracts in Georgia, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Kentucky, the company can choose how each state will market the program and report on its success.

He can also decide for himself whether to specify these instances as compatible hardware and software release dates.

The state and taxpayers are also responsible for financing the system. Although Apple chose its release date, it still is.

Apple has conflicting information about when digital IDs will be available on its website. The All New Features page in iOS 15 still states that the feature will be rolled out in late 2021. But it's hard to imagine that happening now.

Holidays and holidays come at the end of the year. This makes it difficult to implement traditional projects, particularly when other organizations (in this case the state government) are involved.

Apple features planned for late 2021

This is not the only feature that iOS 15 did not have when it was officially released. The release of the new version of the operating system does not have many of the main features announced by the company.

Many of them have been added via updates or featured in the upcoming iOS 15.2 beta. For those who want to control their Mac and iPad with the same mouse and keyboard, some common controls are still missing. Apple is still promising a release this fall.

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