Mozilla shuts down its password manager
Mozilla shuts down its password manager

Last week, the Mozilla Foundation announced in a support article that the Firefox Lockwise password manager will be discontinued on December 13.

After this date, iOS 1.8.1 and Android 4.0.3 can no longer be downloaded or reinstalled.

A small beta mobile app called Lockbox, which launched in 2018, provides iOS, Android, and Firefox users a way to access saved passwords and autofill on the desktop.

Firefox Lockwise was introduced in 2019 to give iOS and Android users the ability to create, manage, and sync passwords across devices.

Unlike other password managers that are mostly browser-independent, Firefox Lockwise is designed for use with the web browser of the same name.

The app was then modified to be used as an add-on for Firefox. The app still works on your device. However, it will no longer receive support or security updates.

Firefox Lockwise users will not lose access to their passwords after closing the app, as the company has stated that the Firefox browser will continue to host this vital data.

All users have to do is sync the password with their Firefox account.

The support article recommends that users continue to use the original Firefox browser to access passwords on desktop and mobile devices.

In the help added through the support site, Mozilla suggested that the iOS version of the Firefox app will have the ability to manage Firefox passwords system-wide by the end of December.

Mozilla will end support for Firefox Lockwise on December 13

The notice states that Mozilla is using and integrating Lockwise functionality natively into the Firefox browser app on all platforms.

The company did not explain why it decided to end support for Firefox Lockwise. But with several closures in the last year. Not surprisingly, Mozilla has been simplifying the projects it manages.

Over the years, the company has wiped out the team that created the operating system for the discontinued Firefox. He also shut down his file transfer tool and logged out of the Thunderbird email platform.

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